In our last post, we talked about how to find a quality fine jewelry repair service. One of the things you should look for in jewelry repair near you is an in-house service. But what exactly can a in-house jewelry repair service offer you? Today, we’d like to show you how getting jewelry repair in Rock Hill, SC by in-house professionals like the ones at Norman Hege Jewelers is the right choice. Here are three benefits we’d like you to know about:

  1. Easy and constant communication – If you take your jewelry to just any repair shop, they’ll most likely send it off to get fixed by a third party (and third rate) repair service. This service might even be in another state! You won’t be able to communicate directly with the repair team that’s working on your precious piece of jewelry. When you work with an in-house service, you can directly communicate your desires to the repair staff and you’ll always be able to reach them.
  2. Reduced chance of lost jewelry – When you work with an outsourced jewelry repair service, your pieces will change hands quite frequently. This increases the chance that the service might lose your jewelry. When you work with an in-house jewelry repair service, the chances of losing your jewelry are slim to none.
  3. Get a clear price from the start – Finally, an outsourced repair service might try to switch up the final price of the repair. Many people get blindsided with an outrageous cost that seems to come out of nowhere. This isn’t the case with in-house services like ours. We let you know the price right from the beginning and will explain to you why the repair costs a certain amount.

At Norman Hege Jewelers, we offer the best in-house fine jewelry repair in Rock Hill, SC. We also offer watch repair near you. With every transaction, we promise to take the best care of your beloved jewelry pieces. Bring your jewelry to us today.