The decision to buy a fine watch is a major one. After all, fine watches are more than just timepieces or accessories. They’re investments. That’s why you want to make sure your watch looks as good as it possibly can—and that all starts with the fit. If you’re looking for watch sizing near you, Norman Hege Jewelers is the place to call. Our excellent service and expert workmanship sets us apart from many other Rock Hill, SC jewelry stores. Read on for our jewelers’ tips for watch sizing.

  • For starters, choose the right size watch for your wrist. The smaller your wrist, the smaller the case diameter of your watch should be. One of the primary benefits of buying your watch at a fine jewelry store is that there are experienced, qualified employees to help you make the right decision. We’ll give you our honest opinion so you can spend your money wisely.
  • Next, consider the width of the band. The width of the watch band should be proportional to the watch itself. The material of the band also makes a difference. In general, a metal watchband will give a larger appearance while a leather or fabric option will make the watch appear smaller. Leather and fabric may also stretch slightly over time, giving you a more relaxed fit.
  • Finally, look at how snug the band is on your wrist. You want the watch to be comfortable but not to slide around on your wrist. You may need to have the number of links in your metal watchband adjusted in order to get the proper fit.

Norman Hege Jewelers offers watch sizing near you at our Rock Hill, SC jewelry store. We offer fine watch repair as well as watch repairs for many major brands like Seiko. We also repair kinetic watches. Stop by today to get the perfect fit on your watch!